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Launch Pad

The Silicon Valley Space Center Accelerator Program “LaunchPad” is advising, mentoring, and co-founding new space start-ups.
We focus on:

Together we translate your passion into a business

  • Develop your product to address market demands
  • Set realistic goals and expectations
  • Test business plan assumptions

We will help you set realistic expectations for building a company stemming from our collected industry and incorporation experience. Basically we’ll lend you our perspective on whether your business idea and future vision makes sense in the current market, and suggest any changes to the idea or to your expectations – helping you create a successful outlook.

Products Development

  • How do you build a prototype?
  • What’s the most effective path from idea to offering?
  • What should comprise a minimum viable product?

We can help you plan and start building your offering as we have extensive hands on knowledge of how you turn your idea into a product, both regarding manufacturing and making effective product development plans. It’s crucial to use maximize your efficiency in getting a product to market, and there are a ton of pot-holes on the road that we can help you avoid.

Customer Development

  • How do you attract the first customers and partners to your vision?
  • How do you avoid bias in getting useful customer feedback?
  • How do you effectively use feedback to better your product?

Don’t spend 3 months developing a product nobody wants – build your product around your customer.

Customer Development is a key because it opens the door to rapid product improvement, without wasting time and effort developing something nobody will buy. The first step is exploration, which is focused on determining whether there is a problem worth solving in the first place.
The only way to answer that question is to ask or analyse your prospective customers. But how and when do you conduct these interviews? How do you get actionable insights out of them? People lack the capacity to accurately predict their own behavior in hypothetical situations.


  • How to incorporate in investor friendly ways
  • How do you avoid common legal mistakes?
  • What about NDAs?

Especially if starting your first business, incorporation can be a major headache, luckily we know how to do it right in terms of not wasting time or money on incorporation whilst insuring that your new business is friendly to investors in the space industry.

Revenues, Costs and Profits
What does it cost to build your product or service? How much will you charge? Can you expect a profit? Do you have a financial model planned out to pay investors?

Cofounders & Hiring

What talent do you need in the beginning to be successful? How do you recruit the first team members with extremely limited resources? How do you set expectations, measure results and remove or fire under-performing resources? Do you need a co-founder?

What are tips and tricks to present your business? How do you craft a successful media release? What are effective tactics to get social media, the blogosphere and traditional media to take notice? What are common media mistakes for new companies?
How do you portray yourself and your business to the world?  How do you involve your customers and partners in your success?

30 seconds is all it takes

Learn how to do a 30 second, Two Minute and Five Minute Pitch. How NOT to do a slide deck.
When is it realistic to raise capital for a brand new company?
Mentor Review
A selected mentor will review your business, and provide blunt feed back on improvements.

How should you calculate the amount of money to raise? How should you define the use use of proceeds? What materials are required to fund raise? What do investors expect from the company? What are typical investment structures and deal terms for seed-stage financing? Identify a list of potential investors, and prepare to meet them.